For a focused, fast and safe learning, DUCKDIVE structures your lessons and your training according to the level of the student and the progression of your students.

The classes:

  • They take place place in Praia do Castelo.
  • They have an average duration of 2 hours.
  • They include all the material necessary for the practice of the sport.

Some of the classes are videotaped and documented in photography for post-correction of each student’s failures.

Available Hours (only Weekend):

  • 10h00
  • 12h00
  • 14h00


* They have no age limit, they are classes in which anyone can sign up and start their surfing activity.

Familiarity with the material

  • Adaptation to the aquatic environment
  • Knowledge of safety rules
  • Take off
  • Base position
  • Catching waves without the coach’s help
  • Cut the waves in the foam to the left and to the right

When the sea allows, catch waves before they burst and cut to the left and right.


Available Hours:

  • 10h00
  • 12h00
  • 14h00


In this group, are inserted surfers who already know how to cut the wave and are beginning their learning process of maneuvers.

  • Improving the posture and position of the basic surfing
  • Improve sea reading and positioning within water
  • Perform “S” curves
  • Perform top turn, bottom turn and cut back


This group includes surfers, who are already autonomous in the sea and who already know to execute some curves in the wall of the wave.

Depending on an athlete for athlete, the main objective is the evolution of the level of each one and the correction of errors, like posture, body rotations and reading of wave through the visualization of the videos of the training sessions.

At the end of each workout, the coach sends every training session videos and annexed to this video, is made an analysis of each wave surfers, so this way, it is easier for the surfer realize exactly where your is error and where it should work, to improve its performance within the water.


Surf Adapted is an area of Surf mode. This takes advantage of the beach as a natural environment and Surf, sea and waves as intervention tools, promoting the capacities of individuals, inclusion and equal opportunities.

There is a great potential in this activity, namely in the development of certain competences that properly stimulated and framed can be transferred to the participants’ daily lives. Because it is an activity in which there is no standard adaptation, the participant must be the active agent in adapting the activity to their specific needs.

Lessons last 2 hours and include:

  • Reserved parking by the beach
  • Neoprene suit
  • Surfboard adapted from soft material
  • Life jacket
  • Tiralô
  • Accredited Surfing Teacher
  • specialized surf monitor in physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Event technical staff SURF FOR ALL
  • 2 to 3 elements for each participant
  • Personal accident insurance

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